Kim Seng has worked as an Art Director, Lead Designer, Senior Visual and Interactive Designer in the US, Singapore, Malaysia and now in New Zealand, with global clients such as Cisco Systems, Singapore Airlines, Siam Commercial Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC and Vodafone.

Kim Seng is an award winning designer, including two Brandon Hall Excellence Awards. With almost two decades in the online services industry, his expertise includes Art direction, Website design, Web based production, User interface design, Information design, elearning, Illustration, 2D animation, HTML/CSS and print design.



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  • Tina Griffin

    Kineo Learning Solution Manager

    Kim Seng is an incredibly talented Art Director. He has a unique knack to come up with creative solutions quickly. He is great at talking to clients and interpreting their needs. One of the best designers I've worked with!

  • Jean-Louis Michelet

    MD EQUITEQ Asia-Pac and X-PM S.E.A.

    I have worked with Kim Seng for the past three years and it is indeed an hour to be writing this testimonial for him. During our collaboration over many projects for corporate clients, the one quality that has impressed me most about Kim Seng is his absolute dedication and commitment to his work. Kim Seng brought passion, creativity, innovation and a sense of perfection to every project. I also admire the discipline he has shown in ensuring that projects were delivered on time.

  • Theresa Tan


    Ng Kim Seng joined ICUS in Feb 2005 (Later acquired by Oliver Wyman), as a Senior Consultant, Graphics Design. After proving his exceptional talent and ability to execute his vision of transforming the ICUS creative capabilities, he was later promoted to his current position as a manager to lead the creative team, and also provide directions for the off-shore team in India. As a manager, he not only sets the standards and supervise the team, he frequently takes on an individual contributor role as well when resources are tight, and project deadlines looms.


    Kim Seng is at his best when given room for creativity and engaged in discussion with clients. He has an eye for details and listens well to understand the client’s requirements. As a compliment, clients frequently comments that Kim SENG is able to provide a visual to what they wanted even they cannot articulate it well in their brief.


    Being one of the early birds to arrive in the office, he uses the quiet time effectively to research on emerging trends and constantly seek improvements in the current ways of doing things. His ability to keep an open mind to new things also reflects in his way of handling criticism and objections from clients.


    He not only works well under pressure but also brings fun and laughter into the office. Having worked in various countries with different cultures, Kim Seng accustomised comfortably everytime. I’m confident that he would be able to perform well in new environment.

  • Ben Rodilitz

    Consortio Software Dev Manager

    As the Manager of Software Development for Consortio, I had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Kim Seng Ng from February 2000 through March 2001. Kim Seng was the lead web site producer for me on all major projects during our collabrations. His work for Consortio was both with me in our offices in Bellevue, Washinton as well as remotely from our offices in Kuala Lumpur.


    Kim Seng was instrumental in all phases of our web community development. His greatest asset was in the early stages when we were first eliciting the clients’ desires and concerns. Kim Seng was able to take these initial conversations and in a remarkably short time present us with many variations of design schemes. These variations not only included designs similar to the discussed descriptions but also layouts not envisioned but the initial participants. Invariable, the chosen scheme came from the latter group.


    Once development was under way, Kim Seng worked with speed and independence. He and those working for him world present timely and accurate deliverables. The mitigate the limitations of communications when working continents away from the client, Kim Seng would proactively present alternative solutions rather than ask for direction and wait for an answer before proceeding.


    I hold Kim Seng’s work in the highest regard, I would not hesitate to use his services should the appropriate situation arise again.


  • Joanna Maneckji

    SCB Senior Learning and Development Manager

    ICUS was very fortunate to engage Kim Seng to lead its graphic design team. He quickly established rigour to the department’s processes and visual design mission, providing much needed discipline and inspiration to the flagging team.


    His inputs to the storyboarding process and documentation format, previously the strict domain of the instructional designers, had an immediate impact on efficiency and brought about a mini-revolution in how instructional designers and visual designers were able to collaborate. I used to comment to other instructional designers that Kim Seng had raised my own game through simply allowing me to have complete faith in his ideas.


    It is not often that I come across a graphic designer who can think independently and who gets things right the first time. As a customer, I return to ICUS again and again for Kim Seng’s talents and instincts because I have a target audience that needs to be wowed and strict timelines. Kim Seng never disappoints in this regard. A surprised learner said in a usability test of one of the courses Kim Seng worked on, “This is unlike any e-Learning course I have taken!”


    Kim Seng is not only a leader in his field; he is an asset to any multimedia team and trusted advisor. His quiet approach is testament to the confidence with which he sets the visual direction of a project and certainty with which he delivers time and time again.


  • Sidney Teo

    Cisco Systems Program  Manager

    In the 6 years that I was with ICUS and in my capacity as a Senior Manager of Project delivery, I had the opportunity of working very closely with Kim Seng on many projects where he was the lead graphic designer of the project team.


    As a Senior Consultant at ICUS, Kim Seng was positioned as a leader in the graphics design team, in many ways providing leadership and mentorship to junior members of the team. The team always found it a pleasure working with Kim Seng with his approachable and non-critical style of leadership. It was a well deserved promotion when he was subsequently made Manager of the team.


    Kim Seng has demonstrated qualities of a talented designer by being instrumental in securing many strategic projects with outstanding pre-sales support. Kim Seng’s work has received numerous compliments from clients and with each project he also constantly strived to raise the bar on delivering outstanding results. As an employee, Kim Seng is committed, unassuming and very hardworking. He is able to work under extreme tight deadline pressures and yet maintain the quality of his work.


  • Nor Azzah Isnin

    ICUS Project Manager

    Kim Seng excels in an environment that rewards good performance equitably, primarily focuses on quality versus quantity and believes in constant innovation.


    He always takes the initiative to thoroughly research the subject matter, collaborate with the instructional designers and/or programmers before proposing his designs. And because of his attention to details, he excels in coming up with fresh/innovative visual strategies for the GUI, interactives and visual style guides.


    Due to the great synergy we have working as a team back at IKS, we attained the Brandon Hall award in 2004, in part due to Kim Seng’s talent and dedication in visual design. As the ‘backbone’ of the creative team, more often than not he is the first choice for all projects when it comes to team selection by project managers and clients.


  • Indumati Ramanathan

    Oliver Wyman Learning  Design Manager

    I have worked with Kim Seng for the past three years and it is indeed an hour to be writing this testimonial for him. During our collaboration over many projects for corporate clients, the one quality that has impressed me most about Kim Seng is his absolute dedication and commitment to his work. Kim Seng brought passion, creativity, innovation and a sense of perfection to every project. I also admire the discipline he has shown in ensuring that projects were delivered on time.


    Kim Seng has also demonstrated his capabilities in producing award-winning work, the first one being a course on commodity derivates for Standard Chartered Bank that won the top award at the bank’s learning week. His unique design for the project won many accolades from this client. His designs for other clients like OCBC Bank, BNP Paribas, Panduit, VI Tecnology, UBS, Pfizer, Singapore Airlines, etc. have also been of top quality.


    In addition to the above, his entry for Adobe’s Flash Site of the Day competition won the Site of the day award and his design was published on Adobe’s website. The design is available for viewing at the adobe site in Archive > My Environment for Standard Chartered Bank, UK.


    Kim Seng has a great sense of humour and is real fun to work with. He keeps his cool in times of pressure, is a very good team player and shows leadership in executing/delegating the necessary tasks.


  • Stacy Loke

    Oliver Wyman Global Account Director

    I really enjoyed working with Kim Seng on various client projects, he was always responsive, creative and reliable as a team member and colleague. I could always depend on Kim Seng and he would always go the extra mile on all the projects we worked on. No detail was too small and no requirement was too much. Given the opportunity, I would work with Seng again anytime and highly recommend him..

  • Michael Stewart

    Realm Communication VP

    I am  the Vice President of eDevelopment and a Creative Director at Realm Coomunications in Atlanta, Georgia USA. I worked with Kim Seng Ng on several projects over the years I have known him. Realm as a company actively tried to hire Kim Seng but the stringent regulations and the type Visa that we would have to have obtained proved too great. (Unfortunately for Realm).


    Kim Seng is a great talent. If I could I would have him on my staff today. His problem solving and overall understanding of the dynamic web environment is unusual for someone so young. His creative ability, passion and dedication finish the job at hand is invaluable.


    My experience with Kim Seng range from Macromedia Flash development for the CheckFree Corporation here in Atlanta, in which we borrowed him for a one week period to pull together creative for a linear presentation for President of CheckFree to all its employees. The creative was huge success.


    I also worked directly with Kim Seng (Consortio in Bellevue WA) to develop the UI for (Recently purchased by Kim Seng and I handled the design and implementation of a presentation prototype of the site that was quickly sold for undisclosed (large) amount of money to a equity partner.


    He is a joy to work with and as I stated above would not hesitate to hire him as a full-time addition to my creative staff. His creative approach and his unwavering dedication is most admirable.


  • Anton Pienaar

    Vodafone Global Academies Lead

    Ks Ng has worked with me and for me as a Senior Interactive Graphic Designer, at e-Blended Learning Solutions, within the Resource Development section. I have known Ks Ng for nearly three years and was continuously pleased with his work ethic and high standards. While under my supervision, his responsibilities have included Interactive Graphic Design, client relationship management, work flow procedures and control.


    He has established an outstanding rapport with colleagues, clients and senior managers and the wider community. His ability to get work done and maintain good client relationships has been outstanding.


    Ks Ng is highly respected by the people who work with him, he is organised, thorough in his paperwork, and is always on time. Included in his high skill levels he is also passionate about adult learning, training design and e-learning research.


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