Kim Seng excels in an environment that rewards good performance equitably, primarily focuses on quality versus quantity and believes in constant innovation.

He always takes the initiative to thoroughly research the subject matter, collaborate with the instructional designers and/or programmers before proposing his designs. And because of his attention to details, he excels in coming up with fresh/innovative visual strategies for the GUI, interactives and visual style guides.

Due to the great synergy we have working as a team back at IKS, we attained the Brandon Hall award in 2004, in part due to Kim Seng’s talent and dedication in visual design. As the ‘backbone’ of the creative team, more often than not he is the first choice for all projects when it comes to team selection by project managers and clients. Which was why I recommended him to join me at ICUS. Kim Seng is definitely a great asset to any organisation that is committed to quality design.

Nor Azzah Isnin
Project Manager, ICUS

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