As the Manager of Software Development for Consortio, I had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Kim Seng Ng from February 2000 through March 2001. Kim Seng was the lead web site producer for me on all major projects during our collabrations. His work for Consortio was both with me in our offices in Bellevue, Washinton as well as remotely from our offices in Kuala Lumpur.

Kim Seng was instrumental in all phases of our web community development. His greatest asset was in the early stages when we were first eliciting the clients’ desires and concerns. Kim Seng was able to take these initial conversations and in a remarkably short time present us with many variations of design schemes. These variations not only included designs similar to the discussed descriptions but also layouts not envisioned but the initial participants. Invariable, the chosen scheme came from the latter group.

Once development was under way, Kim Seng worked with speed and independence. He and those working for him world present timely and accurate deliverables. The mitigate the limitations of communications when working continents away from the client, Kim Seng would proactively present alternative solutions rather than ask for direction and wait for an answer before proceeding.

I hold Kim Seng’s work in the highest regard, I would not hesitate to use his services should the appropriate situation arise again.

Ben Rodilitz

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