I was delighted when Kim Seng asked me to be one of his references. I have known Kim Seng since 2005 and worked with him as a project team member and customer.

ICUS was very fortunate to engage Kim Seng to lead its graphic design team. He quickly established rigour to the department’s processes and visual design mission, providing much needed discipline and inspiration to the flagging team.

His inputs to the storyboarding process and documentation format, previously the strict domain of the instructional designers, had an immediate impact on efficiency and brought about a mini-revolution in how instructional designers and visual designers were able to collaborate. I used to comment to other instructional designers that Kim Seng had raised my own game through simply allowing me to have complete faith in his ideas.

It is not often that I come across a graphic designer who can think independently and who gets things right the first time. As a customer, I return to ICUS again and again for Kim Seng’s talents and instincts because I have a target audience that needs to be wowed and strict timelines. Kim Seng never disappoints in this regard. A surprised learner said in a usability test of one of the courses Kim Seng worked on, “This is unlike any e-Learning course I have taken!”

Kim Seng is not only a leader in his field; he is an asset to any multimedia team and trusted advisor. His quiet approach is testament to the confidence with which he sets the visual direction of a project and certainty with which he delivers time and time again.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further details.

Joanna Maneckji
Senior Learning and Development Manager
Organisation Learning Standard Chartered Bank

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