I am the Vice President of eDevelopment and a Creative Director at Realm Coomunications in Atlanta, Georgia USA. I worked with Kim Seng Ng on several projects over the years I have known him. Realm as a company actively tried to hire Kim Seng but the stringent regulations and the type Visa that we would have to have obtained proved too great. (Unfortunately for Realm).

Kim Seng is a great talent. If I could I would have him on my staff today. His problem solving and overall understanding of the dynamic web environment is unusual for someone so young. His creative ability, passion and dedication finish the job at hand is invaluable.

My experience with Kim Seng range from Macromedia Flash development for the CheckFree Corporation here in Atlanta, in which we borrowed him for a one week period to pull together creative for a linear presentation for President of CheckFree to all its employees. The creative was huge success.

I also worked directly with Kim Seng (Consortio in Bellevue WA) to develop the UI for Sighstreet.com (Recently purchased by Visionweb.com). Kim Seng and I handled the design and implementation of a presentation prototype of the site that was quickly sold for undisclosed (large) amount of money to a equity partner.

He is a joy to work with and as I stated above would not hesitate to hire him as a full-time addition to my creative staff. His creative approach and his unwavering dedication is most admirable. If for any reason you need to validate this information, please call the US phone number and speak with me personally.

Michael Stewart
VP of eDevelopment
Realm Communications, Inc.

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