Ng Kim Seng joined IKS on 1st July 2001 as a Contract Creative Consultant. He was later offered a full time employment as Director of New Media Development from 1st of August 2002 to the 15th of December 2004.

During this time, Kim Seng has consistently demonstrated an exceptional understanding of creating designs and animations for both print and the interactive media, and his designs are frequently of high creative and functional standards. Testament to this, his design inputs are highly sought after, and his work has helped out client, Cisco Systems, win a silver medal at the 2004 Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards in San Francisco.

Kim Seng is meticulous and detailed in his creations, and has shown professionalism and leadership qualities in leading his team as the Director for New Media Development at IKS. His cheerful disposition, communication skills and approachable personality makes it easy for members of other departments to seek his inputs and work with him on large scale projects.

I would not hesitate to recommend Kim Seng for a senior role in the design/creative industry, where he is sure to perform.

Chittaranjan D Raman
Chief Executive Officer

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