In the 6 years that I was with ICUS and in my capacity as a Senior Manager of Project delivery, I had the opportunity of working very closely with Kim Seng on many projects where he was the lead graphic designer of the project team.

As a Senior Consultant at ICUS, Kim Seng was positioned as a leader in the graphics design team, in many ways providing leadership and mentorship to junior members of the team. The team always found it a pleasure working with Kim Seng with his approachable and non-critical style of leadership. It was a well deserved promotion when he was subsequently made Manager of the team.

Kim Seng has demonstrated qualities of a talented designer by being instrumental in securing many strategic projects with outstanding pre-sales support. Kim Seng’s work has received numerous compliments from clients and with each project he also constantly strived to raise the bar on delivering outstanding results. As an employee, Kim Seng is committed, unassuming and very hardworking. He is able to work under extreme tight deadline pressures and yet maintain the quality of his work.

I would be very happy to work with kim seng again, if given the opportunity in the future. He is really a gem to the team and I would highly recommend his services to any prospective employer.

Should you seek further clarifications, I am available.

Sidney Teo
Program Manager, Technical Readiness
Asia Pacific Sales Enablement
Cisco Systems (USA) Pte Ltd

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