Ng Kim Seng joined ICUS in Feb 2005 (Later acquired by Academee in Oct 2007), as a Senior Consultant, Graphics Design. After proving his exceptional talent and ability to execute his vision of transforming the ICUS creative capabilities, he was later promoted to his current position as a manager to lead the creative team, and also provide directions for the off-shore team in India. As a manager, he not only sets the standards and supervise the team, he frequently takes on an individual contributor role as well when resources are tight, and project deadlines looms.

Kim Seng is at his best when given room for creativity and engaged in discussion with clients. He has an eye for details and listens well to understand the client’s requirements. As a compliment, clients frequently comments that Kim SENG is able to provide a visual to what they wanted even they cannot articulate it well in their brief.

Being one of the early birds to arrive in the office, he uses the quiet time effectively to research on emerging trends and constantly seek improvements in the current ways of doing things. His ability to keep an open mind to new things also reflects in his way of handling criticism and objections from clients.

He not only works well under pressure but also brings fun and laughter into the office. Having worked in various countries with different cultures, Kim Seng accustomised comfortably everytime. I’m confident that he would be able to perform well in new environment.

I would not hesitate to have Kim Seng as part of my team again, anytime.

Theresa Tan
Vice President
Operations Asia Pacific

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